Monday, February 28, 2011

The First Canadian Crowdsourcing App (via The Daily Crowdsource)

Fundchange: The First Canadian Crowdsourcing App - The Daily Crowdsource: Over the last few years, Crowdsoucing engines like Kickstarter have helped thousands of folks get funding for their creative projects that they would not have previously had access to. In the arts in Canada, like in British Columbia where I live, we’ve had widespread cuts to the arts, especially over the past two years. As Canadians, we haven’t been able to access American Crowdsourcing engines. However, now there’s a brand-new crowdsourcing app in Canada that was launched on February 1. Although it’s based out of Ottawa, it’s available to anyone who has charitable status in Canada, and is helped along by some corporate sponsorship by Telus. The Daily Crowdsource interviewed Paul Dombowsky, who came up with the idea.