Friday, September 24, 2010

The Open Art Collection - a social network site for art-lovers

The Open Art Collection is a fine art social network site for collectors, artists, museums, galleries, professionals and enthusiasts.

All manner of experts can network and use the Open Art Collection as a platform to highlight their credentials. Collectors can open up and share a collection with other members. Artists can showcase their work. An online portfolio of available works can for example offer them a regular and direct dialogue with collectors. And artworks posted online by Open Art Collection members can receive feedback from other users. The website enables museums to connect with fine art lovers from around the world, and so forth.

Users can sign up free for a basic account, which allows them to leave comments and start group discussions. Basic Plusaccounts ($7.95 a month or $69a year prepaid) and Premium accounts ($29.95 a month or $239a year prepaid) offer users a host of additional privileges, including managing collections and accessing auction information.