Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tools for tracking your time

As a freelancer, chances are you need to track your time in order to bill your clients. And that can be a major hassle. Here are some tools for tracking your time, all of them are free to use and web-based. Perhaps they will make your life a bit easier.

Track the time you spend on projects with this simple and easy-to-use application. Divide your work into projects, and split each into individual tasks. Stay honest, and not count those coffee breaks with the built-in idle time alerts. A menu bar icon reminds you at a glance whether the timer is running and allows you to easily stop and start the timer.

TimeEdition focuses on simple usability and a thoroughly clear overview for day-to-day use. What does this mean in detail? Users initially see only those functions that they really need to record their daily working times. These are: a function to stop and start recording; a large display showing the recording period and customer; project and activity selections.

1-Click time tracking: Toggl is designed for effortless time tracking. You can easily capture fragmented worktime. Switching a task or creating a new one is as simple as one mouseclick. Toggl is available as a website or you can use it as a small browser popup. You can download Toggl Desktop, which is available for all major operating systems. You can also embed Toggl into your favourite Internet application (iGoogle, Netvibes, Gmail), or your own company intranet.

Online Tijdschrijven
Online Tijdschrijven is een eenvoudige gratis dienst, waarmee je je uren kunt bijhouden. Je kunt overal voor tijdschrijven: je werk, één of meerdere projecten, je hobby, etc. Het doel is om inzicht te krijgen in hoe je je tijd besteedt. Daarmee is het ook ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld freelancers of zelfstandigen. Naast een 'algemeen project' en een kleine aantal standaard activiteiten kun je eenvoudig zelf nieuwe projecten en activiteiten aanmaken en beheren. Online tijdschrijven is ook mogelijk via elke mobiel testen, zolang deze een browser heeft.