Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Challenging Conventional Wisdom- Entrepreneur the Arts

From Challenging Conventional Wisdom - Entrepreneur the Arts: By having a more nuanced understanding of the principles at work around us, we can make savvy and informed decisions, rather than adhering to often misleading conventions of the day.

So what are the assumptions artists cling to? Where do they come from, and what do they truly mean? Consider the hidden side of statements below:
  • Conditions are harder for artists than ever before
  • The arts industry is dying
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Nobody cares about quality art today
  • All serious artists go to grad school
  • Artist = starving artist
  • Making money through the arts requires compromising your artistic integrity
  • Artists can’t have families
  • There are just three career options for artists: making it big through a traditional opportunity (i.e. the orchestra), teaching, and Starbucks
  • Better get management, so you can focus all efforts on the art
  • A talented artist who pursues a non-arts career path is a failure
  • You can’t possibly make a living through the arts—better get a “real” job