Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 Tips for Deciding Whether to Accept a Project

4 Tips for Deciding Whether to Accept a Project - Management Tip of the Day - January 21, 2010 - Harvard Business Review

Being presented with a new assignment can feel flattering, or like an increased burden. Consider these four tips when making your decision to accept or not:

- Imagine yourself doing the assignment. When you envision yourself performing the tasks involved, do you feel invigorated or unmotivated?
- Research the project's history. Find out as much as you can about the origins of the project and what brought it to you.
- Know what the stakeholders want. An obvious step is to know who the stakeholders are. But go a step further and find out what their interest in the project really is.
- Look at your whole plate. It may be that your plate is simply too full. Assess the project with your other commitments in mind.