Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Reasons Artists Would Need to use A Contract

Contracts are not fun to deal with. They are extra work, and for an artist, just painting is time-consuming. After all, can’t we all just trust each other?

The big misconception about contracts is that they are only necessary for big dollar deals, or for strangers.

The reality is that contracts help to avoid misunderstandings by clarifying each person’s responsibility.

And this is necessary to keep a good relationship with your clients and the friends that you do business with. (Yes, I said “friends.” Use contracts with them, too.)

1.) To make sure that both parties are agreeing to the same thing. Verbal agreement is where misunderstandings and assumptions happen. Written words provide clarity.

2.) To hold each party accountable for what they’ve agreed to. Over time, you’ll forget exactly what you’ve agreed to. The contract will refresh your memory.

3.) To cover your butt. This comes in handy if ever accused of not holding up your end – refer to the contract and point out that you are. (Or read it and go, “oh yeah, I agreed to that”!)

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